Complete Flutter development - build 14 ios and android apps


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  • In depth flutter knowledge with projects
  • Learn to make Apps for Android and iOS
  • Become a Jr. flutter developer


Includes API handling, database projects, Firebase and BLOC

Welcome to Complete Flutter development - build 14 iOS and Android apps. Flutter is a new framework created by Google. Whole inspiration behind creating this framework is to get single codebase for Android and iOS apps. Getting single code base reduces the learning curve to create multi platform apps. Also this single code base concept allows the companies to have less number of people and roll out features for both mobile systems at the same time.

This course is designed to make sure that students, who are not much familiar with app development, can also start with their app development journey. Making apps with flutter is easy as many UI components are built in and super easy to implement.

We will start this course by installing flutter and creating our first hello world application. Then we will create apps that helps in building logic. Apps like Dice Roller, Tic Tac Toe, Scratch and Win, Spanish number app will help you in building logics.

Further we will learn Camera and gesture by making apps. Further we will learn Navigation and keys in flutter. After that we will learn about API handling. Course also includes sqlite database for flutter. Finally we will learn about Firebase. We will make firebase app for Authentication and database. After that we will create WhatsApp UI for fun purpose.

Final section of this course will help you to learn advance concept like BLOC

Here are some kind words by our students:

I really loved the approach in which the instructor taught i,e to go with the documentation. He actually teaches you how to learn new things. I just loved the course.

— Surabhi Nirgudwar

This course is one of the best course have ever done. The tutor is also the best tutor have ever encounter. I love how he was able to carry everybody along, i understood everything in this course and i look forward in doing more course from you.

— Deborahvery

straight forward, covers everything (including minor details), easy to follow and understand

— Cara

Now, it's time to make some amazing stuff with dart programming language.

Catch you inside the course!

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