Complete back end development with NodeJS with projects


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Igneus Technologies
  • After taking this course, you will understand nodeJS, express and mongodb
  • You will be able to create most type of backend, totally independent of front end tech.
  • You will be able to apply for Jr. backend development directly
  • Build amazing projects in every section, that can be used in portfolio


Learn Javascript, NodeJS, Express, passportjs, mongodb along with various projects

Hi and welcome to Complete backend web developer with nodeJS with projects. A complete course that starts with Javascript basics and move towards advance part of javascript. After that we will move to nodejs part. 

Javascript is doing way more than it was designed for. Now we can do all backend stuff with javascript. We will learn to write complete backend code in modern javascript. First we will start with setting up tools using VSCode. After that we will learn to create our own web server without any third part module.

After that we will learn express. Express will help us to understand routing and request types like GET, POST DELETE etc. Further we will learn to send response like web based and JSON response.

Further we will explore about body parser, middleware and templating. Templating like pug, ejs etc helps us to divide web pages into modules. We can fetch information from backend in these templates. After that we will learn about photo uploading using multer. 

After that we will learn about authentication. We will start by implementing Facebook authentication. You will learn about views, middleware and routes and authentication using Facebook API.

Then we will move towards using all skills that we have learned in this course and applying them in 1 big project. We will be creating REST API for this project. This is a very simple version of stack overflow, where user can create account, can login in, set a Unique username and ask questions. Other users can post answers to these questions. Answers can be upvoted by other users. All these features will be created in form of REST API, so that it can be used by any from end like React, vue etc. Again, we will not be creating any front end, we will just focus on back end development.

There are many small projects in this course and 1 big real life project.

Catch you inside the course!

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