Coding for Kids and Parents: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript ES6


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Paid course
27 hours
368 lessons
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Mammoth Interactive
  • Learn the basics of computer programming
  • Learn CSS
  • Learn HTML
  • Get started with JavaScript basics
  • Learn about ES6 and its new features
  • Apply ES6 concepts in your projects
  • Use build tools like Gulp and Webpack
  • Compile ES6 into ES5 using Babel


Learn to code for the web! A comprehensive beginner's guide on programming languages and web development. You can code!

"Easy peasy. very well broken down." - Blake H.

"I am an adult beginner. I think the animation is fun and the vocals are entertaining that explain the concepts fully. Thank You, the world will be quite smarter with your contribution"

Reading for parents:

Do your kids spend too much time on the computer, phone or tablet? Don't you wish they could do something more productive? Why not get them to learn a life long valuable skill that will lead them into a career that pays 2 times the national average?

Part 1 of this course targets kids. Part 2 targets adults.

Programming is the new math. The average computer programmer makes 78'000 a year, and there will always be a need for programmers. The only problem is that all of the educational courses are not tailored towards the learning styles of children. 

Most documentation is geared towards people over 18. Our course is different.

Included in this course is material for beginners to get comfortable with the interfaces. Please note that we reuse this material in similar courses because it is introductory material. You can find some material in this course in the following related courses:

  • Beginner's ES6 Programming. Code for the Web in JavaScript

  • Ultimate Coding Course for Web App and Android Development 

  • Kids Coding - Introduction to HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Part 1 of our course contains animations and screencasts. This course is fun for kids to watch and listen. More and more people are learning to code so do you want your kids to not have the same opportunities as others? This course offers your kids a competitive advantage. 

Employers look for technical skills and applicants that can code are more attractive to hire. Even if the job isn't technical it always helps to have that technical knowledge to communicate with the technical team. 

Personally, I like to hire people with programming skills. If they are artists, video editors, or social media marketers, I generally prefer to hire people with programming experience. 

For Part 2, no prior experience in JavaScript is required. We explore ES6 in depth and cover many of its new features. You learn the newest possibilities and fundamental building blocks of JavaScript.

What is ES6?

With ES6 (ECMAScript 6th Edition), you can code for the web. ECMAScript is another name for JavaScript. ES6 has standardized features that JavaScript engines implement. ES6 is well-supported across different web browsers. 

About me, the instructor

My name is John Bura and I have run the software company Mammoth Interactive. We have had a ton of sales on our software which includes XBOX 360, iPad and iPhone games. 

On top of this I have been teaching people full time since I was 17. With the combination of teaching experience and real world experience, I have a truly unique experience that you can't find anywhere else. The knowledge I give out is from first hand knowledge of the industry and years of teaching experience. 

Thank you for considering to purchase my course. Even if you choose to not buy it, I wish you and your family a happy road to success. 

Coding for Kids and Parents: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript ES6
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