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Paid course
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6 hours
39 lessons
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Thirucumaran N
  • You will learn about C# Programming from scratch.
  • You will learn the important topics in C# such as Data types, Operators, Conditional Processing, Loops, Method, Array, List, Class, Property, Structure, Enumeration, Namespace, Inheritance, Encapsulation and Access Modifiers in few hours.
  • At the end of the course you become familiar with most the important topics in C#, which can be used to develop programs/applications straightaway.
  • This course will help you to succeed in Developer job interviews, make you to stand out of the crowd and will enhance your professional career progression.


Innovative easy way of teaching that will enable you to learn and master C# in ASP.NET

C# Simply Master in Less Than a Day - This video course is specifically designed for absolute beginners. 
The innovative easy way of teaching enables anyone to learn and master C# in ASP.NET

You do not have to be a Developer or Programmer to understand this course. Anyone can learn and master the well paid skills which are highly sought by employers all over the world. The time you spend on learning this C# course will be a real investment for your professional career.

Even though I have developed the course keeping beginners in mind, this course can also be very useful for any Developer who wants to master C# programming with ease. Unlike other courses you find on the web, this course will give you the logical reasoning for why you are actually writing a line of code. The logical reasoning for whatever you do in programming is vital so that you do not have to memorise it all. This also becomes handy when you develop rich, robust and scalable applications.

C# is an Object Oriented Programming Language. Whenever someone tries to learn an Object Oriented Programming Language, it is very common for them to get distracted due to the complexity of the language. I have broken this barrier by simplifying it to a greater extent. I have ordered the Lectures in a way which any one can easily understand the C# Language. 

Almost all the aspects I have covered in this series can be applied straight away when developing real world applications at your work place. This course will help you to do better at job interviews as well.

The Lecturer of this C# Course has worked in rich data driven applications for JP Morgan, Accenture, Citigroup, Swire, Moog, Network Rail, Cancer Research, ASDA, Cadbury, Royal Mail, TomTom, and National Nuclear Lab. He has also architected and developed web applications for one of the European Union projects and for the Office for the Standards in Education (that is for Her Majesty'’s Chief Inspector’ of Schools / OFSTED, United Kingdom) 

You have come to the right place. You are with the C# Guru who will make sure you learn and master C# Programming. 

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