C# in Depth: Puzzles, Gotchas, Questions at Interviews


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Paid course
5 hours
56 lessons
Available on completion
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Engineer Spock
  • Write code with more confidence
  • Avoid Date and Time Pitfalls
  • Avoid LSP Violations
  • Write more robust code
  • Pass C# Interview
  • Understand how C# arithmetic works


C# Tips and Traps: learn things you didn’t know and become a more robust advanced C# programmer

This is an advanced C# course.

Build a solid foundation in C# learning odd cases related to how the language is designed

This course contains mostly practical puzzles learning which you get a better C# developer. You can find out on the Internet tons of impractical puzzles which don’t make you a better C# developer. This is not about this course. Yes, of course, even impractical puzzles sometimes are helpful especially if you’re preparing for a C# interview. However, I bet on puzzles which teach you the thing you absolutely need to understand. Indeed, this course deepens your understanding of C#. Apart from that, you’ll learn some very important things like the problem of types substitution. You’ll learn about the fundamental problems related to processing date and time values. Believe me, you’ll be astonished!  

This course is built in a manner of a game. I’ll show you code examples in Visual Studio and ask to answer the question related to that code example. You’ll have some time to come up with your own answer and after that we continue. Puzzles, gotchas and cautionary tales are presented here to frighten and inspire you! Regardless of your current skills, you’ll remember things you’ve forgotten, learn things you didn’t know and become a more robust programmer.  

So, this course is "must see" for anyone who wants to improve his knowledge of C#.

Here is my Teaching Approach

No fluff, no ranting, no beating the air. I respect your time. The course material is succinct, yet comprehensive. All important concepts are covered. Particularly important topics are covered in-depth.

Take this course, and you will be satisfied.

Content and Overview  

This course is aimed at all kind of developers. It provides solid theoretical base reinforced by the practical material.  

In short, this advanced C# course covers the following topics:  

  • The evilness of the mutable structures. You’ll see several examples when mutable structures demonstrate the unexpected behavior.  

  • Generics and arrays including specializations, constraints on generics, variance and covariance, Liskov substitution principle and more  

  • The pitfalls in arithmetic: how floating-point numbers are implemented, how to compare them, how arithmetic overflow behaves with different types, how rounding works, the difference between decimal and money  

  • Collections and LINQ: how to alter an existing list, the deferred execution of LINQ expressions, the peculiarities of closures within for and foreach loops, list conversion  

  • Methods and Overloading: overloading base methods, method hiding, when to prefer property over method; the reasons on why to avoid optional parameters, implementing abstract classes  

  • Date and Time puzzles: concepts related to dates and times including how a computer stores time, UTC and GMT, time zones, global and local perspectives; time-zone related puzzles, roundtrips, arithmetic on dates, how to calculate the age.  

  • FAQ at C# Interviews: abstract classes versus interfaces, how to implement the Dispose pattern, what is the difference between encapsulation and information hiding, encapsulation in practice, strings interning, constant versus read-only fields, lock versus monitor, how to rethrow exceptions, when to use StringBuilder instead of string  

  • And yet a short section of miscellaneous puzzles   Enroll and start an exciting journey learning C# puzzles!

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