C# Complete Bootcamp from Zero to Hero in just 7 hrs.


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Paid course
7 hours
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Patrick Videos
  • C# Programming


The easy way to learn C# Step by Step in the shortest possible time.

Fully updated with intermediate and advanced topics, go from a beginner to advanced C# programmer. In less than 7 hrs you will learn all the important concepts of C# and Object Oriented Programming, each explained using small simple programs. The teaching method used, will be the easiest way to learn C# you will ever find. A 3 week class has been edited so tight, what resulted was just 7 hrs. Have fun learning!

Learning to program is one of the best decisions you can take in your life. Irrespective of your intent to be a programmer or not, learning to program is like learning to read and write a few centuries ago. The issue that most students face when they start to learn programming is the complex way the subject is presented to them. You will find this course, the simplest and easiest way to learn programming.

A Step by Step approach

This course teaches every topic using a small simple program and then combines them into one project. This is the fastest and easiest way to learn C# programming that you will ever find.

Just a few hours long

This course has been designed to learn C# programming in just a few hours. Even though C# is a multi day class, the video has been edited so tight that what resulted was just a few hours. You will not see any pauses or time wasted. These have been designed like Tik-Tok videos to keep you engaged.

Reviews for my courses:

Excellent video!! Especially for a beginner like me. Wow! 'am so happy that i found your video. Keep up your good work Patrick. Ur way of narration-bringing in a steady flow throughout the tutorial. Easy to understand-line by line explanation. Excellent visual clarity - Prema, USA

​You are like an angel to all your students. In a simple way you've explained us such difficult and most confusing things. I always believe that teaching is a precious gift and only some lucky people have it - Hari, Australia

​Wow, amazing, awesome videos. The best for newbies like me.Thank you very much! - Dev, Nicaragua

I was searching for a nice tutorial the whole day and frankly i was losing any hope to find it but then i found your videos... U've got a real gift to explain kind of difficult things in a simple way, i mean i can't imagine a better way to explain that :) thank you very very much! God bless you! - Vaness, Russia​

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