C# Basics: Learn to Code the Right Way


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Paid course
2 hours
14 lessons
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Grant Klimaytys
  • Understand the fundamentals of C#
  • Have a solid grounding to make the leap to creating applications


Learn C# Using this Course, Then Move on to Make Windows, Server and .Net Applications!

Stop MESSING AROUND with courses that want to teach you "everything you can do with C#". If you're new to coding you absolutely do not need that! What you do need to succeed are:

  • Fundamentals.

  • Basic ideas taught to in an unforgettable way!

  • Quick, simple and easy lessons!

In this course I will show you how to code really basic C# and .Net applications. Nothing in here is left unexplained and nothing will make you want to give up the course!

Maybe the world of coding scares you? Maybe you think that applications can only be made by geeks? Well I will change that opinion in under an hour!

You will learn the basic concepts, ideas and techniques that you will use to build your future desktop and mobile applications with the popular programming language, C#. 

This course is for complete and utter beginners to programming and C#. If you don't know what fancy words like 'classes' and 'objects' mean then this is the course for you!

Some Things You Will Learn

  • How we store things in a program (Variables)

  • How we "do" things in programs (Functions or Methods)

  • How we make templates for ease (Classes)

  • And more!

A Powerful Skill at Your Fingertips 

This course is your gateway drug into the land of milk and honey (and lucrative software development contracts).

Learning to program in any language gives you the ability to hire yourself out at rates of $60 - $150 per hour. My last mini project started at a quote of $16,000. I expect that proof of concept to expand to a 6 figure project. I can outsource a lot of that and keep a 50% profit just for organising it!

That's the kind of revenue you can expect eventually - but you have to start somewhere!

That "Somewhere" Starting Point is Here

This course is the best way for you to learn an award winning foundation in software development. I know it's the best because I started out as a beginner coder after being a dance teacher. You can imagine what a seamless transition that was!

Coming from a non development background I can completely sympathise with where you are as a beginner. That's why everything is explained simply and clearly - I want you to understand everything I say. I want you to be able to create your own software. I want you to succeed!

Join this course now and begin your journey towards the most lucrative, adventurous and exciting career path you can imagine!

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