C# Basics for Beginners - Learn C# Fundamentals by Coding


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Paid course
14 hours
161 lessons
Available on completion
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Tod Vachev
  • Learn the fundamentals of C# and .NET Framework
  • Work with Primitive Data Types
  • Debug your code to find bugs that are making your code behave unexpectedly
  • Control the flow of code execution by using Conditional Statements (if/else, if/else if/else, switch)
  • Work with the Console and Manipulate all of its aspects
  • Effective ways to manipulate strings
  • How to use loops in many different scenarios
  • Work with One and Multi dimensional arrays
  • Work with Lists and learn the difference between Lists and Arrays
  • Confront and solve difficult problems on your own
  • Create methods to write less code and improve its readability


This C# basics course will create an unshakeable solid programming skills and mindset foundation. Learn C# with examples

In a digitalized world, such as the one we live in, not knowing how to code will put you at a disadvantage. Regardless of what your goal is, wether its to find a job as a developer or not, knowing a little bit of coding can be really handy from time to time. 

And C# is a great language to start. Why? Well what I like the most about C# is its structure, its a strong typed language. What does that mean? It means that everything is "defined" in C#, which in turn lets you write beautiful code, you will see that at one point writing the code becomes an art, it just looks beautiful when you structure it the correct way.

Leave the aesthetics, with C# you can create anything, desktop application, websites, Android/iPhone applications, games, anything you can think of, you can create it with C#.

By learning to code with C# you will be able to jump quickly into any other language, if you need to at some point. The reason for that is, again, the strongly typed and well created hierarchy in C#, which will basicly teach you everything you need to know about coding in general. 

All programming languages are pretty much the same, on the basic level the difference is only in the syntax. All of them have variables, loops, arrays etc., so if you think that you will need to jump to another language at some point, do not worry, you will be able to do that with ease. I myself started with C#, then I moved on to a little bit of Java, then a little JavaScript, then a little TypeScript, and if I didn't have the solid foundations that I have with C#, it wouldn't have been that easy!

This is why I am able to help you forge the most solid foundations that you may ever get in coding. Just like everything in life, your first exposure to something new is the most crucial one. 

This course will teach you both the theory and the practice behind coding. You will learn by watching, by doing and mostly by struggling. 

You will also find numerous examples and projects to practice what we are learning and nothing will be left out. At the end of each section there will be a short quiz that will test you for some of the tricky parts of that section. 

Exercises are also provided so that you can try to code on your own, most of them will not be solved in the course, but you will get hints from time to time on how to solve some of the hard ones. And of course you can always ask a question in the QnA section of the course! I will answer within less than 24 hours!

Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question, the devil is in the details!

Plus, you have a 30 days money back guarantee, so if the course does not meet your expectations, you can get your money back, no questions asked!

***What are some of the students saying about the course:***

(You can just scroll down a little and see the ratings for yourself in the ratings section)

Arris Hadjadj (5 Stars):

"If you are serious about learning C# , in great details great depth with a clear yet very deep explanation you know what you have to do. This instructor have a passion for teaching he does not leave anything behind until you hit the ha moment.i sincerely thank you for this awesome course."

Peter Quin (5 Stars):

"The lectures are very well explained, no stone left unturned! The instructor's language is good and there are plenty of exercises! A+!!"

John (5 Stars):

"This course is excellent! I am not a complete beginner but I still learned a lot of new things and the exercises really sweat you!"

Kelly (5 Stars):

"The bonus videos are great! I never knew that these shortcuts exist! I'm halfway through the course and I learned so many interesting things!"

Jaryd Ambramson (5 Stars):

"4 Lessons in. I like the style alot. Easy to follow, but not too easy. Instructor has the knowledge and skills to produce a proper video. Let's hope he keeps it up throughout the course. Did have to run at 1.25% speed, but sounds good still."

Jacqui Ballard (5 Stars):

"Very easy to follow. The Instructor is very comfortable and is very helpful :)"

Enroll now and join all of these happy students!

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