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Web University by Harsha Vardhan
  • Confidently speak about most of the essential concepts of C#
  • Crack C# job interviews easier
  • Solve most common bugs and issues in C# applications
  • Understand further technologies of .net (in future), such as Asp .Net, Asp .Net Core, Xamarin etc. easier, with strong-base knowledge of C#
  • Create C# Apps From Scratch and scale it up to any level
  • Write OOP code easier with industry-standards and best practices like a Pro
  • Add C# to your prior knowledge of any technology (Asp .Net Core, Xamarin, Unity etc.), to get new career opportunities


Learn C# by doing | C# projects | Bootcamp for C# Interview | Advanced C# | Interface | Collections | LINQ | Interview Q


Learn C# by doing, with real world projects.

"I have completed other courses on C#. Whiles some of those instructors are trully excellent, including Moshe Hamedani, and othe courses on PluralSight, indeed i swore by PluralSight before coming to Udemy, Mr Vardhan has to be commended. This is trully the most comprehensive course a new C# learner needs to form a solid understanding not only of the basics but intermediate level subjects. If you want to learn C# and have full confidence that you are at least intermediate level after your course, take this course. Thank you sir for your dedication to the learner. Too often instructors create courses with the learner not in mind, but just to get something decent out there. This is so thorough and presented so that you will understand without ambiguity Thank you again sir!." - David Odoom

"Concepts are explained in very well manner" - Akanksha

"Great course, Focused on point with no distractions, straightforward, highly organized and really great effort. Thanks." - Nishma

"I have some programming experience. I like the flow of the instruction, and the fact that the quizzes allow for some creativity" - Michael

"Best Teacher ever hope more success for you and more courses for us" - Mohmd alkhatib

"i am still on the first sections of the course , but i wanted to write this review because this is a very good course on C# ,very clear in depth explanation and cover all the topics of C# , i only wish i have found this course sooner . update , i finished have the course still think this is the best C# course i have taking so far." - Moustamid Karim

"I like the background info. Extra effort was put in the graphics. I'm early in the course, but look forward to the rest.." - Mark Workman

"As a computer engineering graduate, I can easily say that this course really helped me to brush up my C# skills and the tutor (Mr. Harsha) is a caring person. He usually answers your questions in 12 hours." - Tayfun Odabaşı

"This course is amazing! Such a great instructor. Concepts are clearly and intelligently presented. I have a few C# courses and this one is by far my favorite. He doesn't just touch on a topic and bam you're on to the next one. He gives several examples and by the time that section is finished, you feel you really understand that concept. I can't give this course enough praise! I'm a professional C# dev and this course is helping fill in the gaps of my understanding. Thank you for such a great course!" - Business

"Incredible course for anyone looking to start with C# and OOP. I'm halfway through, and thus far every single concept has been explained in an easy-to-understand manner. The instructor also does a fantastic job of reinforcing the topics he's discussing by reiterating them multiple times in different ways and in different scenarios." - Vincent

...and more reviews.


List of topics that ARE covered in this course:

   - .Net Basics: Introduction to .NET, CLI, CLR, .NET Framework Architecture, Versions of .Net Framework, Overview of .Net Core, Introduction to Visual Studio, Basics of C#

   - Language Basics: System.Console class, Variables, Primitive Types, Control Statements

   - OOP Fundamentals: OOP Basics, Classes, Objects, Object References

   - Fields: Fields, Static Fields, Constants, Readonly Fields

   - Methods: Methods, Encapsulation, Abstraction, Polymorphism, Local Variables, Parameters, this keyword, Static methods, Default arguments, Named arguments, Method overloading, ref, out, out declaration, in, ref returns, params modifier, Local functions, Static local functions, Recursion

   - Type Conversion: Type conversion, Implicit casting, Explicit casting, Parse, TryParse, Conversion methods

   - Constructors: Constructors, Static constructors, Constructor overloading, Object initializer

   - Properties: Properties, Readonly properties, Writeonly properties, Automatic properties, Automatic properties accessibility, Automatic property initializers, Indexers

   - Inheritance: Inheritance, Various types of inheritance, base keyword, Calling parent class's constructor, Method hiding, Method overriding, Sealed classes, Sealed methods

   - Abstract Classes and Interfaces:  Abstract classes, Abstract methods, Interfaces, Dynamic polymorphism with interfaces, Multiple inheritance, Interface inheritance, Explicit interface implementation

   - Namespaces: Namespaces, Nested namespaces, Importing namespaces, Creating using alias, Using static

   - Partial & Static Classes:  Partial classes, Partial methods, Static classes, Enumerations

   - Structures: Structures, Readonly structures, Primitive types as structures

   - System.Object: System.Object class, Overriding methods of System.Object class, Boxing, Unboxing

   - Generics: Generic classes, Multiple generic parameters, Generic constraints, Generic methods

   - Working with Null: Nullable types, Null Coalescing operator, Null propagation operator

   - Extension Methods: Extension methods, Pattern matching, Implicitly typed variables, Dynamically typed variables, Inner classes

   - Garbage Collection: Garbage Collection, Generations of GC, Destructors, Finalize, IDisposable, Using Declaration

   - Delegates and Events: Single-Cast Delegates, Multi-Cast Delegates, Events, Auto-implemented events, Anonymous methods, Lambda expressions, Inline lambda expressions, Expression bodied members, Switch expression, Func, Action, Predicate, EventHandler, Expression Trees

   - Arrays: Creating arrays, Arrays with for loop, Arrays with foreach loop, Methods of System.Array class, Mult-Dim arrays, Index from-end operator, Jagged arrays, Array of objects

   - Collections: Working with various collections, List, Dictionary, SortedList, Hashtable, ArrayList, Stack, Queue, HashSet, typeof operator, Collection of objects, Object relations, IEnumerator vs IEnumerable, Iterators and Yield return, Custom Collections, ICollection, IList, IEquatable, IComparable, IComparer, Covariance and Contravariance

   - Anonymous types, Tuples, Value Tuples, Discards, String, DateTme, StringBuilder, Math

   - LINQ Basics

   - Exception Handling

   - System .IO namespace (File handling, Directory handling, File Streams)

   - Serialization (Binary, Json, Xml)

   - C# 9 and 10: Top level statements, File scope namespaces, Global using, Module initializer, Nullable reference types, Target-typed New expressions, Pattern Matching, Parameterless struct constructors, Records


  • A mini project, "Banking application", where the bank user can create / edit bank accounts and also can perform deposit, withdraw, balance enquiry, account statement etc. operations.

  • Some of the above features are given as assignments; so that you can exercises coding practices based on the guidelines provided.

List of C# 3.0 New Features covered in this course:

  • Auto-Implemented Properties

  • Anonymous Types

  • Lambda Expressions

  • Expression Trees

  • Extension Methods

  • Implicitly Typed Local Variables / Type Inference

  • Partial Methods

  • Object Initializer

  • Collection Initializer

  • LINQ

List of C# 4.0 New Features covered in this course:

  • Dynamically Typed Variables

  • Named Arguments

  • Optional Arguments

  • Covariance and Contravariance

List of C# 5.0 New Features covered in this course:

  • Async & Await

List of C# 6.0 New Features covered in this course:

  • Static Imports (using static)

  • Exception Filters (catch when)

  • Auto-Implemented Property Initializers

  • Null Propagator

  • String Interpolation

  • nameof operator

List of C# 7.0 New Features covered in this course:

  • Out Variable Declaration

  • Tuples

  • Discards

  • Pattern Matching

  • Local Functions

  • Expression Bodied Members

List of C# 7.1 New Features covered in this course:

  • Default literals

  • Inferred Tuple Element Names

List of C# 7.2 New Features covered in this course:

  • 'private protected' access modifier

  • 'in' parameter modifier

List of C# 7.3 New Features covered in this course:

  • Ref returns

  • == operator on tuples

List of C# 8.0 New Features covered in this course:

  • readonly structs

  • Switch Expressions

  • Using Declarations

  • Static Local Functions

List of C# 9 and 10 New Features covered in this course:

  • Top level statements

  • File-scope namespaces

  • Global 'using'

  • Module initializers

  • Nullable reference types

  • Null forgiving operator

  • Target-typed 'new' expressions

  • Pattern Matching

  • Extended Property Pattern Matching

  • Init-only properties

  • Parameter-less struct constructors

  • Records



  • By the end of this course, you will create all of the source code for a complete C# project, by using collections as backend for storage.

  • You will type in every line of code with me in the videos ... all from scratch. No copy-paste of ready-made code.

  • I explain every line of C# code that we create. So this isn't a copy/paste exercise, you will have a full understanding of the code.

  • I am a RESPONSIVE INSTRUCTOR .... post your questions and I will RESPOND in 24 hours, ASAP.

  • All source code is available for download.

  • English captions are available.


No Risk – Money-Back Guarantee

Finally, there is no risk. You can preview first few lectures of the course for free. Once you purchase the course, if for some reason you are not happy with the course, Udemy offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

So you have nothing to lose, sign up for this course and learn how to build C# Projects from scratch!

Key Points about this Course: 

  • All C# programs are demonstrated using 'Console Applications' and 'Class Library' projects in Visual Studio 2019 / 2022.

  • Each concept is first explained theoretically like understanding what is that concept, different types / syntax to write code. And then we will show the same with a real-world-like scenario. At last, I'll explain where exactly we use this concept in real-word applications.

  • All the concepts explained in both theoretically, diagrammatically and practically.

  • We use Visual Studio 2019 for up to C# 8; and Visual Studio 2022 for C# 9 and 10 features.

  • Video lectures are not downloadable.


The following topics are NOT covered in this course:

  • Multi-Threading

  • ADO .NET

  • Entity Framework

  • WPF / WCF

  • WinForms

  • Cryptography

  • Assemblies

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