Byte-Sized-Chunks: Graph Algorithms and Problems in Java


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Paid course
5 hours
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Loony Corn
  • Design and implement software using canonical graph algorithms - Djikstra, Prim, Kruskal, Bellman Ford and topological sort
  • Understand the use-cases for the common graph algorithm


Djisktra, Prim, Kruskal, Bellman-Ford, the topological sort - all will make sense now!

Note: This course is a subset of our much longer course 'From 0 to 1: Data Structures & Algorithms' so please don't sign up for both:-)

This is an animated, visual and spatial way to learn data structures and algorithms

  • Our brains process different types of information differently - evolutionarily we are wired to absorb information best when it is visual and spatial i.e. when we can close our eyes and see it
  • More than most other concepts, Data Structures and Algorithms are best learnt visually. These are incredibly easy to learn visually, very hard to understand most other ways
  • This course has been put together by a team with tons of everyday experience in thinking about these concepts and using them at work at Google, Microsoft and Flipkart

Taught by a Stanford-educated ex-Googler.

The graph is a data structure that is used to model a very large number of real world problems. It's also an programming interview favorite. The study of graphs and algorithms associated with graphs forms an entire field of study called graph theory.

  • Directed and undirected graphs
  • Adjacency matrices, lists and sets
  • Breadth and Depth-First traversal
  • Topological sort
  • Djikstra's algorithm
  • Bellman-Ford algorithm
  • Prim's algorithm
  • Kruskal's algorithm

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