Building Faster Websites: Get Started with Web Performance


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Paid course
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4 hours
41 lessons
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Luke Harrison
  • What loading performance means and why it matters on today's web.
  • How you can measure loading performance to determine how fast a website loads.
  • Tools and techniques you can use to measure web performance across a variety of device types and network conditions.
  • Best practice performance optimisation techniques to reduce how long it takes the browser to download and render a website.
  • We'll download a slow website from Github and step by step make it load faster!
  • Take a website from 12 -> 100 on Google Lighthouse performance score.
  • No prior knowledge of web performance optimisation required.


Over 4 hours, learn web performance and how to improve loading speed by optimising HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more!

The web needs more developers who understand web performance.

On today’s web, having a fast loading website is a priority. It’s an important part of everything from reducing bounce rates to improving search engine optimisation to even increasing the big one - conversions!

In “Building Faster Websites: Getting Started with Web Performance”, across 41 lectures totalling nearly 4 hours long, you’ll learn how to do just that, build websites which load faster and thus perform better.

Starting from scratch, we’ll cover a variety of theory based topics teaching you why loading performance matters, how to measure it and what tools to use. Next, we'll jump into a practical segment where we’ll implement best practice performance optimisation techniques on a dummy website’s HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more - taking it from a Google Lighthouse performance score of 12 all the way to 100!

No prior knowledge of web performance or loading performance optimisation is required, and with the knowledge and performance optimisation experience you'll gain from this course, you'll be able to deliver much more value to your clients or your employer.

If you're a web developer looking to expand your knowledge or even take the next step in your career, then front-end loading performance is a worthy specialisation to explore.

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