Build Unseen & Featuristic Javascript Web Applications


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Paid course
All Levels
2 hours
16 lessons
Available on completion
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Ahsan Khan
  • Handling user's input and text like never before
  • Functional Programming
  • Discover the power of loops
  • Input and output manipulations


Web Applications That Suits And Can Be Incorporated With Almost Every Website

JavaScript provides very flexible approach to interact with user. This course is going to cover simplest and interesting ways to give user a better experience and to make websites safe. Also, this course also lets you think and write very meaningful code.

The goal of creating this course is to give you better understanding of JavaScript by creating some interesting Web applications with simple code.

This course starts with some of the basics that you are going to see in different sections of the course, since course is organized in different sections and linearly.

Applications you are going to build in this project are:

  • Words Completer

  • Words Remover

  • Modal

  • Lessing Down HTML Code With JavaScript

Applications that add different taste to the websites for the visitors as-well-as developers. These applications increase the user-experience and makes the websites safe and secure directly from the front-end.

Along with the course you would have better understanding: 

  • How to process text

  • Working with user's input

  • Dynamic content creation

  • Flexible code

Once you practice the concepts and application that are shown in the course you will become comfortable with coding and you would have ability to think and write better problem-solving code with what you have learnt regardless of which language you work with afterwards.

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