Build an Online Store with React and GraphQL in 90 Minutes


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Paid course
4 hours
48 lessons
Available on completion
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Alan Smithee
  • Create e-commerce apps with React and GraphQL
  • Make full-stack React apps in a very short period of time
  • Learn how to integrate the payment service Stripe with React applications
  • Send emails to users of your React applications
  • Build attractive, mobile-first user interfaces


"Course is out of date and empty, but cannot be taken down. U demy is to blame for the inconvenience. Sorry in advance."

This course has been scheduled for removal by 6/30/2022.

Since it is part of the Udemy for Business program and certain (absurd) terms of service apply, I've been told that it cannot be removed any earlier.

This message is to alert you that all of the course lessons have been removed in the meantime.

I would not recommend signing up for it. (And why would you be? The course content is long out of date.)

If you have enrolled in the course and are finally interested in taking the content two years later, that ship has sailed.

Unless you are maintaining legacy code at your work, it doesn't benefit you to learn an out-of-date syntax.

As a Udemy instructor for 3 years, it has been my pleasure to teach tens of thousands of people across the world how to code. If you have benefitted from one of my courses--thank you.

After thousands of people have left a review or rating on one of my courses, I'd like to leave one for Udemy:

I would not recommend that you or anyone patronize or do business with them in any way.

In short, Udemy is a platform that does not respect their customers or reasonably compensate their instructors.

I could give you dozens of examples and incidents where Udemy has been exploitative and negligent to someone who generated 100s of thousands of dollars of profit (myself), but here is one for you to keep in mind:

Massive Fortune 100 companies who are part of the Udemy Business program pay literal pennies on the dollar for their employees to take courses which are part of their catalogue (in many cases less than $1 per enrollment).

No matter where you are or how much money you make, Udemy will charge you more than they do multi-billon dollar businesses per course enrollment.

Whether you work for one of these businesses or otherwise, you deserve transparency about how Udemy works as a platform. And they do it by enriching themselves at the expense of their instructors, who provide the only substantial value to their business.

Here's the bottom line--

If you care about how your hard-earned money is spent and making sure it goes to companies that have any interest in doing what is right for their customers and employees, don't give it to Udemy.

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