Build a React & Redux App w/ CircleCI CI/CD, AWS & Terraform


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Course overview

Course type
Paid course
All Levels
26 hours
257 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Uzochukwu Eddie Odozi
  • Build an amazing React app
  • Setup Continuous Integration/Delivery Pipeline
  • Naviagate AWS Management Console
  • Create AWS Services using Terraform
  • Integrate Terraform into CircleCI Pipeline
  • Use AWS S3 and CloudFront for Storing and Distributing React Apps
  • Create Docker Images for Your React app
  • Integrate Slack in the CI/CD Pipeline
  • Setup Online Dev, Staging and Production Environments
  • Setup Sentry for Monitoring
  • Create Custom React Components
  • Use CSS Grid
  • Setup Automatic Deployment
  • Integrate GitHub with CircleCI
  • Create, Use and Merge Feature Branches


Build & deploy a React app using Redux, Github, CircleCI, S3, Cloudfront, Terraform, Heroku, Slack, Docker & Sentry.

React is one of the most popular library's for building client apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. If you want to establish yourself as a front-end or full-stack developer, you need to learn React.

This course follows a hands-on approach, which means the whole course is structured around building a web application and the different concepts will be explained detailedly as they are introduced.

What's this course about?

This course is about React, Redux, Hooks, Continous Intergration/Delivery, AWS S3, CloudFront, Slack, GitHub, Docker, Heroku. Dive deep into these topics by building a real application and have your React app live on the web.

You will learn how to create AWS resources from the management console and also how to create those same resources using terraform.

What Technology You'll Use

Because we are building a React app with Continuous integration/delivery and automatic deployment, we'll use a variety of technologies.

  • React

  • Redux

  • AWS S3 and CloudFront

  • Terraform

  • Slack

  • Docker

  • Github

  • Sentry for Monitoring

  • CircleCI for CI/CD

  • Heroku

Not familiar with some of these? No problem! This course will guide you on how to setup and use these technologies in your apps.

What You'll Be Able to Do

By the time you complete this course, you'll be able

  • Build a complete React App

  • Setup CI/CD Pipeline

  • Setup Automatic Deployment

  • Create AWS Resources using Terraform

  • Integrate Terraform into CircleCI Pipeline

  • Integrate Technologies like Slack, Sentry and Docker

  • Setup Multiple Online Environments (Dev, Staging and Production)

  • Use GitHub w/ CircleCI

  • Use Feature Branches on GitHub

  • Use CSS Grid

  • Create Custom React Components

  • Setup Redux

  • Write CI/CD Configurations

  • Setup CI/CD Deployment to Heroku

  • And More...

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