Build A Blog Using AspNet Core, Angular 11 And SQL Server


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Paid course
16 hours
94 lessons
Available on completion
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Avetis Ghukasyan
  • Full stack web development process from beginning to end
  • How to use Angular, Bootstrap and Font-Awesome and other libraries/frameworks to build the front-end
  • How to use ASPNET Core with Visual Studio in order to build the API layer
  • How to use SQL Server and SQL Server Management Studio in order to build the back-end


Use Angular, Bootstrap, Asp.Net Core, SQL Server & learn full stack web development by building a blogging application.

In this course we are going to build a full stack blogging web application by starting from the very beginning stages of planning and moving ahead into implementing our solutions.

We will be learning a lot and it will be a learn-as-you-go style course since if I spend time one every little detail we will never be able to finish the course. It is a good course for all levels.

We will be using various technologies to accomplish our goal such as SQL Server, ASP.NET Core, Angular 11, Bootstrap and much more. You will be able to see how all of the technologies interact with one another and that way gain a better understanding of their inner workings.

The first few courses will be us setting up the developer environment after which we will learn and plan what we need to build. After that all of the other videos are going to be about writing code. Lastly we will test our application once everything is finished.

The reason why this course is a must-take is because you can know how each individual technology works by itself, however knowing how to put them all together is where the actual value comes in.

This is the reason why various technologies will be used such as SQL Server, ASP.NET Core, Angular 11, Bootstrap and many others.

Essentially any web application has these three components - back-end, API and front-end. You can choose different technologies for your back-end as well as for your API and front-end. In this case we are going with mostly Microsoft, Google and Twitter technologies - all very trusted companies when it comes to technology.

SQL Server, ASP.NET Core and Visual Studio along with Visual Studio Code are going to be coming from Microsoft. Angular 11 is going to be coming from Google and Bootstrap is going to be coming from Twitter.

All of the technologies and their specific purposes will be explained in the video so no worries if anything sounds confusing.

In this day and age knowing just one piece of the puzzle is not enough - you need to be able to grasp and work with the full picture. That is why this course was made.

So go ahead and get into it and I will see you on the other side!

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