Beginners Guide To C# With Visual Studio 2017


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Paid course
7 hours
35 lessons
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Tom Owsiak
  • Create and run a simple Windows Form project
  • Describe how properties are used to control the appearance of forms
  • Add objects such as labels to forms, and write code to change the text of the label
  • Understand why variables are needed and how they operate
  • Describe how data types must match for code to work
  • Understand the purpose of a name space and how it makes creating programs easier
  • Use different data types like bool, string, decimal and int
  • Understand the concept of a literal
  • Use pictures boxes to show images
  • Understand how string interpolation works
  • Understand how to print new line characters
  • Learn how to use text boxes and rich text boxes
  • Describe how to connect multiple controls with code
  • Work with multiple numerical variables and produce numerical output
  • Apply format specifiers to produce formatted output
  • Describe how to declare and set multiple variables on a single line to save time and effort when coding
  • Read text values and convert them to numerical form
  • Describe how methods are called to perform a variety of actions
  • Create a simple graphical user interface
  • Describe the importance of ensuring that data types are matched when using the assignment operator
  • To call multiple methods on a single object using method chaining
  • Explain in detail the concept of variable scope
  • Explain how DateTime objects are created and used
  • Explain the concept of variable scope
  • Understand how to start a Visual Studio project in several ways
  • Understand how to work with compound operators that represent addition and subtraction
  • Describe how the compound division and multiplication operators work
  • Use the numeric up/down control and understand the remainder operator
  • Explain logical operators like <= and >=
  • Describe how to work with check boxes in an interface
  • Explain how the logical and operator works
  • Understand how the logical or operator works
  • Make comparisons using if/else and strings
  • Make comparisons using if/else and numerical quantities
  • Use methods with if/else blocks to make decisions
  • Use if/else blocks with check boxes to make decisions
  • Understand the concept of a literal


Learn Real C# with Windows Forms!

Very Important: 

1. Friends, please take the time to review the curriculum carefully before buying so you can see exactly whether this is the right course for you. Please do not join until you have completed this step.

2. Please watch the free preview videos so you can see whether the presentation style works for you. Please remember  I am just one person, and I make my videos often after I have been working for many hours already.  PLease do not join until you have completed this step.

3. If something needs fixing, please let me know. Again, I'm just one person and not a big team of people. I will try to fix it as quickly as possible. Thank you.

I'm the author of "Beginning C# Hands-On-The Core Language" from Packt Publishing. Let's take a look at every this course has to offer. C#, which is pronounced as "see sharp", is a powerful programming language from Microsoft. This course is an introduction to this language using Visual Studio 2017, and the most current version of the language, which is C# 7.0. C# remains one of the most widely used programming languages in the market place. Whether you want to learn it so you can build your own app, or you need it for work, this course is your place to begin that process. Each lesson is an HD video, with the code attached under lesson resources. Each lesson also includes questions for you to consider as you watch. These questions are designed to help you think about C# and general programming concepts. This is a course for beginners, so if you are an intermediate or advanced student of C#, this course would not be the right choice for you. The explanations provided are very detailed, so please be sure watch the free preview videos before buying so that you can decide whether the style of presentation agrees with your learning style. This course is not theoretical, and is intended for those who want to get coding as quickly as possible.  Keep in mind that many of the concepts presented here apply equally well to other languages like Java.  Thank you for reading, and see you inside!


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