Basics of Python & arcpy , the Python library of ESRI ArcGIS


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Paid course
3 hours
20 lessons
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Ahmad Aburizaiza
  • Understand the essential concepts of the Python programming language.
  • Develop in ArcGIS's arcpy package using Python.


Understand the syntax of Python and essentials of arcpy for geoprocessing

Increase your GIS salary by 50% average.

Welcome everyone! This course teaches the essentials of the Python programming language to utilize arcpy, the  Python package for the leading GIS software, ArcGIS - ESRI. It is the first Udemy course about Python for arcpy. and it is very affordable compared to other similar training courses ranging from $1,000 - $2,000. If you work in the GIS business world or even your job has some GIS involved, I advice you to go ahead and take this course. It will help you promote in your job and increase your income.

GIS is the most integrated field with many business and work disciplines such as IT, engineering, marketing, and planning. ArcGIS is the most used GIS software in the world. To become a stronger GIS professinal and to increase your salary in the GIS business world by 50% average, you need to learn how to program. Python is one of the most spreading programming languages in the IT world. ArcGIS's arcpy package is dependent on Python. The arcpy package can save you a lot of repeated tasks involved in geospatial data administration and analysis.

In this course, I don't assume that you are very familiar with Python. I will start from level zero and teach you what you need from Python in order to utilize arcpy easily. There is a quiz associated with each lecture so you can test yourself. You will learn how to access MXDs and their layers programmatically and also run geospatial analysis tools without opening ArcMap. I am explaining a lot of details in both Python and arcpy so you can really understand and master the concepts in practice.

Again welcome everyone and I hope you register and learn.

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Basics of Python & arcpy , the Python library of ESRI ArcGIS
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