Basic C# Clearly Explained


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Course overview

Course type
Paid course
3 hours
31 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Tom Owsiak
  • Understand the basics of creating and running a simple console program
  • Understand how to print output to a console window
  • Create variables and set their values
  • Create variables and change their values and print them again
  • Describe an object with different data types
  • Understand how to use tool tips to understand code better
  • Use method chaining to write less
  • Use method nesting to write less code
  • Please look at the curriculum to see the rest of the topics covered


A Friendly Invitation To Real C#

Dear Visitor,

C#, pronounced as C-sharp, is a powerful programming language from Microsoft. This course is only three hours long, with an average video length of about six minutes. The lessons are a combination of videos and presentations. Please be sure to look under "view resources" to find the code and the presentations. The code examples are simple and focus on only one or two concepts at a time to ensure you fully grasp the material presented. Since the concepts presented are of a fundamental nature, they apply to some extent also to languages like Java. The videos also including zooming, which means the key points are further emphasized to be sure you truly understand. C# has been and remains one of the most popular, and most powerful programming languages to learn. Let's get coding!

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