Automating Tasks with Python


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Paid course
18 hours
165 lessons
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Bluelime Learning Solutions
  • Web Scraping: Extract information from website using a Python Script
  • Extract information from PDF with a Python Script
  • Watermark PDF with a Python Script
  • Split PDF with a Python Script
  • Encrypt PDF with a Python Script
  • Read and write to a text file with a Python Script
  • Read and write to a CSV file with a Python Script
  • Send emails with a Python Script
  • Load and manipulate images with a Python Script


Build scripts to automate various types of tasks using Python

Automation  is the execution of a task or series of task with little or no human interaction.

python scripts are used to automate various task.

Python scripts can be run by humans or a bot.

A bot is a piece of software used to automate python scripts

Automation can save  you time and increase your  productivity especially for repetitive tasks.

This beginners course covers some useful  fundamentals of Python programming language.

The tasks we will automate in this course  are:

  • Web scraping

  • PDF extraction

  • Watermarking  PDF

  • Splitting PDF

  • Encrypting PDF

  • Reading & writing to text files

  • Reading & writing to csv files

  • Sending emails

  • Working with scheduler

  • Loading and manipulating images

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