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Paid course
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2 hours
31 lessons
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Todd McGrath
  • Have confidence using Spark from Python
  • Understand Spark core concepts and processing options
  • Run Spark and Python on their own computer
  • Setup Spark on new Amazon EC2 cluster
  • Deploy Python Programs to to a Spark Cluster
  • Know what tools to use for Spark Adminstration
  • Certificate of completion
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50 Python source code examples and multiple deployment scenarios

Would you like to advance your career and learning Apache Spark will help?

There's no doubt Apache Spark is an in-demand skillset with higher pay. This course will help you get there.

This course prepares you for job interviews and technical conversations. At the end of this course, you can update your resume or CV with a variety of Apache Spark experiences.

Or maybe you need to learn Apache Spark quickly for a current or upcoming project?

How can this course help?

You will become confident and productive with Apache Spark after taking this course. You need to be confident and productive in Apache Spark to be more valuable.

Now, I'm not going to pretend here. You are going to need to put in work. This course puts you in a position to focus on the work you will need to complete.

This course uses Python, which is a fun, dynamic programming language perfect for both beginners and industry veterans.

At the end of this course, you will have rock solid foundation to accelerate your career and growth in the exciting world of Apache Spark.

Why choose this course?

Let's be honest. You can find Apache Spark learning material online for free. Using these free resources is okay for people with extra time.

This course saves your time and effort. It is organized in a step-by-step approach that builds upon each previous lessons. PowerPoint presentations are minimal.

The intended audience of this course is people who need to learn Spark in a focused, organized fashion. If you want a more academic approach to learning Spark with over 4-5 hours of lectures covering the same material as found here, there are other courses on Udemy which may be better for you.

This Apache Spark with Python course emphasizes running source code examples.

All source code examples are available for download, so you can execute, experiment and customize for your environment after or during the course.

This Apache Spark with Python course covers over 50 hands-on examples. We run them locally first and then deploy them on cloud computing services such as Amazon EC2.

The following will be covered and more:

  • What makes Spark a power tool of Big Data and Data Science?
  • Learn the fundamentals of Spark including Resilient Distributed Datasets, Spark Actions and Transformations
  • Run Spark in a Cluster in your local environment and Amazon EC2
  • Deploy Python applications to a Spark Cluster
  • Explore Spark SQL with CSV, JSON and mySQL (JDBC) data sources
  • Convenient links to download all source code
  • Reinforce your understanding through multiple quizzes and lecture recap

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