Animated Lettering

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Paid course
8 hours
34 lessons
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MEMOMA Estudio

MEMOMA, a specialized study in digital animation, will teach you three different processes to design and animate your own lettering creations, achieving that through the concept and the technique the message to be communicated is reinforced.


Learn to design and animate your own letters

You will begin to learn more about the work and influences of MEMOMA Estudio.

Then you will know the differences and similarities between lettering, calligraphy and typography as well as some tricks to do a good job of lettering.

Then, MEMOMA will show you how to make the first sketches using three different processes. In the first one, you will learn to apply some basic concepts such as the basic structure of letters, composition, intention or graphic style. In the second, you will delve into the use of geometric shapes, modules and color, while the third will be focused on creating a lettering based on different typographical sources.

Finally you will discover three ways to animate a step-by-step lettering: cel animation or traditional animation frame by frame, with After Effects and in 3D with the help of Cinema 4D.

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