An Introduction to C# with Visual Studio Community 2019


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Course overview

Course type
Paid course
8 hours
77 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Tom Owsiak
  • How to get Visual Studio
  • How to work with console programs
  • How to work with classes and method
  • How keywords function
  • How comments work
  • How to work with namespaces, classes and method
  • How to explain the concepts between methods as verbs and classes and namespaces as nouns
  • Code execution order
  • Describe various operators like +,-,/,
  • Describe how to use string interpolation
  • Describe the concept of method nesting
  • Describe the concept of method chaining
  • Understand the concept of a stack and exceptions
  • Understand how to use variables
  • Please look at the curriculum for the additional numerous details.


An Introduction to C# That is Not Overly Simplified

Please read the course overview below very carefully before enrolling.

1. This course is for  beginners in C#. It's not an overly simplified introduction, though. It gets fairly complex in some videos.

2. Code is built up as needed, piece by piece. The code is done in real time. There are no PowerPoints presentations.

3. I appear in the videos as a small talking head, and you see me move from place to place in the videos. It's in every video. If you might find this distracting, please do not enroll as this course would not be the right fit for you. Thank you.

4. Code files, when available, are stored under lesson resources. Please download them from there. These are plain text files only.

5. Please remember I am only one person. I cannot always think of every subtle detail you might need covered.

6. Please remember I am only one person. You might think of different ways of doing the same things. That is normal.

7. This course uses Visual Studio 2019 Community only.

8. At different points in the videos, you might be asked to answer a question or type up some code. Please pause and do so.

9. At different points, my explanations can be extremely detailed. Please keep that in mind.

10. At different points in the videos, I use some light concepts from math like percents. Please be aware of that.

11. To illustrate especially subtle concepts, I use the debugger and memory panels. It's very detailed. Make sure you enjoy that. 

12. There are some free preview videos available. Please be sure to watch those.

13. Sections 1 to 9 use console programs, which are command prompt programs.

14. Section 10 uses Windows Forms, which are graphical user interface programs.

15. The average video length is 6.2 minutes.

16. Please read the entire course curriculum carefully before buying so you can make an informed decision on purchasing this course.

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