Advanced Web Developer Course: Beginner to Advanced


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Course overview

Course type
Paid course
All Levels
16 hours
263 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Fatah Gabrial
  • Learn to Build a Complete Website with HTML5 & CSS3
  • Build Live JavaScript Form Validation
  • Integrate JavaScript within Your Website
  • Build a 3 Bootstrap 5 Live Projects
  • Build Django 3 Based EMS Web App
  • Build Django 3 Based Portfolio Project
  • Learn to set-up Web Development Environment
  • Learn Important HTML5 tags
  • Learn Text Formatting with HTML5
  • Create and Manage Tables within HTML5
  • Learn to Create Contact Form
  • Learn to Build a Login Form
  • Learn to Make a Registration Form
  • Learn to use HTML5 Media Items
  • Learn to use and Embed with iFrames
  • Understand Website Structure
  • Learn about Inline, Internal & External CSS
  • Learn to Work with Box Model
  • Learn about RWD (Responsive Web Design)
  • Learn to create and Manage CSS3 Animations
  • Learn to use JavaScript with Fundamentals in Practical
  • Learn to Create Functions, Loops with Data Types in JavaScript
  • Understand JavaScript DOM (Document Object Model)
  • Learn to Debug JavaScript Errors
  • Create a Live JavaScript Form Validation
  • Learn about JavaScript ECMA Script
  • Learn Bootstrap 5 from Scratch
  • Learn about Bootstrap 5 Layouts, Contents, Forms
  • Learn to Build an EMS (Employee Management System) App with Bootstrap 5
  • Learn to Build Blog App with Bootstrap 5
  • Learn to Build a Professional Website with Bootstrap 5
  • Learn about Python 3 and its Fundamentals
  • Learn about Data Structure in Python 3
  • Learn Object Oriented Programming in Python 3
  • Learn to Work with Python Files and Modules
  • Learn about Django 3 and Its Fundamentals
  • Learn about Django Project Setup & Installation
  • Learn to Create Superuser in Django
  • Learn to create, show & migrate migrations
  • Learn to add filters to Django Admin Panel
  • Learn about Django Template Tags and How to use them
  • Learn to add static files like images, CSS, and JS in Django
  • Learn to Build an EMS web app with Django 3
  • Learn to Build a Dynamic Portfolio website from Scratch


Complete Advanced Web Developer Course, Beginner to Advanced Level. 6 in 1 Course Bundle with Practicals with Projects

This course is a complete bundle of 6 in 1 courses, which adds up-to become the Advanced Web Developer Course. To get started with the course all you need is a PC / Laptop and a decent internet connectivity.

So here's whats covered.

  • Complete In-Depth beginners guide to HTML5 & CSS3. In this section you will learn to build a complete website from scratch.

  • JavaScript Training will help you integrate interactivity to your website.

  • ES6 or ECMA¬†Script 6 will help you learn the latest standards of JavaScript

  • Bootstrap 5 is the latest CSS framework from Twitter. With this you will learn to create 3 live projects. (Project Files Included)

  • You will learn the most popular programming language Python to get started to build Python based web apps.

  • At the end you will learn to create web applications with Django 3

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