Advanced React (Render Performance Best Practices Patterns)


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Course overview

Course type
Paid course
9 hours
93 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Eyas Mattar
  • High Quality Web Applications
  • Best Practices used by Advanced Programmers
  • React Redux Saga Pattern
  • Bundle Splitting & Lazy Loading
  • Software Engineering Principles
  • Webpack & Babel
  • Working with Themes
  • Focusing on Application Performance for Better UX
  • Rendering Performance
  • React Core Concepts


2020 Advanced Reactjs - Theory, React Patterns, Industry Best Practices, Performance, Render Issues, Hooks, Core

Advanced React & Web Development For Intermediate/Advanced Developers

At last, A React Performance & Best Practices Course

Become an Advanced React Developer

This course is UP-TO-DATE with the latest React version 16.13+

This course is UP-TO-DATE with the latest ES2020 version

This IS NOT FOR YOU if you just want to build some nice and good-looking application.

If you passed this level of building nice and good-looking applications and want to focus on best practices and performance so this course is for you.

This course contains a lot of theoretical materials and diagrams for deeper understanding.

Bonus lectures continuously will be added in the future, like CONCURRENT React Mode and more

At the end of the course you will be able to:

1. Write high quality React components

2. Master React CORE concepts

3. Build applications with high PERFORMANCE

4. Write React applications with Patterns

5. Know the What? Why? & How?

6. Master the best PRACTICES used in the industry

7. Build Powerful, Scalable, Fast & Maintainable Web Applications

Who is this course for:

1. React Developers who want to sharpen their skills

2. React Developers who want to become advanced/expert developers

3. Developers who seek how to write high-quality code

4.  Developers who seek to acquire best practices

5.  Developers who want to learn about application performance

6. Developers who want to learn not only the technical stuff but also the important theory behind

7. React developers who want to learn about lazy loading

7. React developers who want to learn about software principles


1. Basic React knowledge, like components, state, props, render MUST

2. HTML, JSX, JavaScript MUST

3. Redux-Saga Optional

This course includes:

1. Redux overview

2. Redux-saga overview

3. Software principles in web application

4. Bundle Splitting

5. Lazy Loading

6. Anti-Patterns & Bad Practices to avoid

7. Render Performance

8. Why rendered

9. Avoid Reconciliation

10. React Core Concepts

11. Routing

12. Styling with Themes

13. Material-UI

14. ES2020

15. Design Pattern

16. Files Generators

17. High Quality boilerplate

18. Data Flow Diagrams for deep understanding

19. DevTools

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