Advanced JavaScript Topics


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Paid course
17 hours
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Steven Hancock
  • Apply first-class and higher order functions in your coding practices.
  • Explain the different scenarios that affect the value of this.
  • Identify the object to which this is bound.
  • Manipulate this binding to accomplish programing problems.
  • Use prototypes in your coding.
  • Understand and use IIFEs in your code.
  • Define closure and take advantage of it in your code.
  • Apply the namespace and module pattern to your coding projects.
  • Create JSON files.
  • Load and use JSON data in a project.
  • Manipulate properties on JavaScript objects.
  • Apply OOP principles to your JavaScript coding practices.
  • Make use of constructors and Object create for setting up objects and prototypes.
  • Understand and apply the true nature of JavaScript inheritance.
  • Explain functional programming concepts.
  • Apply functional programming techniques to your JavaScript projects.


In Depth JavaScript Training for Mastering Important Patterns, the Power of Functions, OOP Concepts, JavaScript Projects

Advanced Topics picks up where the Getting Started course ended. You should now have some experience with JavaScript and understand the JavaScript language much better. Therefore, you are ready to learn more of the nuances and important patterns that advanced JavaScript developers know and use.

In Learn Modern JavaScript: Advanced Topics, we explore the more advanced techniques in JavaScript. You learn advanced concepts for objects and functions, the value of 'this', the power of functions using closure and IIFEs. You learn about the namespace and module patterns. You learn JSON and how to load a JSON file. You will follow along as we apply OOP concepts to a project. You get very familiar with the prototype, and these are just the main topics covered in this advanced course. A new bonus section helps you get familiar with functional programming concepts in JavaScript.

This course contains 15 sections and one bonus section, over 90 different lectures, over 17 hours of video, 4 quizzes, 9 assignments, 1 large project and several Think Like a Programmer sections with invaluable information for those intent on making JavaScript a career choice or a major part of their lives.

If you want to improve your JavaScript skills, this course is for you!

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