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Paid course
All Levels
7 hours
12 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Milos Stevic
  • Learn React by making 9 different React Projects
  • Creating a React Project from scratch
  • Cleaning up the File Structure
  • Functional components
  • Hooks - useState, useEffect, useRef
  • React Router - Route, Link
  • useHistory, useParams
  • React Context
  • Npm packages like uuid, react copy to clipboard
  • Fetch / Getting the data from the api


Learn React by making 9 different React Projects

In this course we are going to make 9 React projects that will help you get a better understanding of React JS, alongside with having great projects to showcase on your portfolio. These are the projects we are gonna be making:

- Typing Game

- Todo App

- Dynamic Gallery With Masonry Layout

- Book List App

- Shopping Cart

- Github App

- Text Generator App

- Image App

- Recipes App

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