30 CSS Exercises


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Paid course
4 hours
66 lessons
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Enzo Ustariz
  • Learn CSS
  • Train your CSS Animations
  • Train your responsiveness
  • Train your integration skills
  • Train a lot of css properties and values
  • CSS Grid
  • Flexbox
  • Etc ...


Boost your CSS skills

Welcome to the 30 CSS Exercises course.

CSS is a style language that separates people that have to use it in two groups, those whos love it, and those who hate it.
But the question is not to love or hate CSS, it's there, and we need it.

And except if your website contains only HTML, which is rarely the case, you will have to master it.
And here is the problem, how to master CSS ?
By training !

In this course we will cover a lot of topics through exercises, and the goal for you is to upgrade your research and testing skills.
You need to learn to face a problem and start thinking about a variety of solutions, and test them !

Here are the topics covered :

  • Display

  • Positions

  • Animations

  • Transitions

  • Responsiveness

  • A lot of usefull properties (opacity, fonts properties, z-index, etc ...)

  • Shadows

  • SASS¬†Preprocessor

  • Integration (Footer, Form, Hero Page)

  • A lot of tricks (checkbox hack, margin collapsing, etc...)

  • Flexbox

  • CSS GRid

  • Selectors

  • Etc (look at the curriculum!)

I prepared 2 big folders for you, with the starter files and the final source code of every exercise.
With that you can easily follow the whole course, you just have to watch the instruction video of each exercise, then try to resolve it on your own, and finally watch the resolution video.

Sounds exciting right ? See you on the othe side.

30 CSS Exercises
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