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Why Learn Python in 2022? (6 Simple Answers)

Dan Cherny
Written on Why Learn Python in 2022? (6 Simple Answers)

The demand for programmers in the IT market attracts more and more beginners to the profession. But figuring out which programming language to choose for learning can be difficult. Let us explain why it makes sense to learn Python now, in 2022.

Python is the second most popular coding language

Companies like YouTube, Instagram, Amazon, Netflix, and others are already coding their products in Python. According to the State of Development Review 2021 (by JetBrains), this programming language is only the second after JavaScript (we're intentionally omitting HTML and SQL as utility markup and query languages). The number of vacancies for Python developers is also increasing every month.

Python has a strong community

In 2021, Python overtook JavaScript in the number of posts on the Stack Overflow programming question and answer system. This platform has acknowledged Python as one of the most beloved languages among developers. In addition to a developed online community, Python programmers often meet to exchange experiences offline - at conferences and meetups. As a Python beginner, you will not be left alone.

Python is a universal programming language

Python is used to create mobile and desktop applications, websites, and even games. In addition to classical programming, Python is used in completely different areas: in the production of animation (Pixar), in financial market forecasting (JPMorgan), in scientific computing (at NASA), and with smart home devices (iRobot, etc.). As a Python developer, you can choose from various jobs and projects, try something new every time, or focus on one direction.

Python is great for data analysis and Data Science

The skill of programming in Python is necessary for data analysts and Data Scientists, who are in high demand now - with its help, they organize the collection, analysis, processing, and visualization of data. Using Python to work with data, you can predict the industry's demand for goods and equipment breakdowns, develop solutions for personalized offers to customers, and solve many other business problems.

Python is easy to learn

Python has a straightforward syntax, so it will not be challenging to learn the basics of programming. Python is taught even in children's programming schools! Having learned to program in this language, you can take on other coding languages.

How to learn Python in 2022?

You can take an introductory Python course on many educational platforms for free. In the first 3-5 hours of training, it's easy to understand whether a developer's profession suits you. If you decide to continue under the guidance of a platform teacher, you will master Python, create a portfolio of different projects, and get certified.

It's never too late to learn how to program, no matter how old you are or whether you have an education or a mathematical mindset. You can take Python courses at a convenient schedule - when you want to take a break from daily work, you can use these moments to develop your new skill.

What Python courses to take as a beginner?

We have already covered some of the best Python courses to learn in this article, but you can also look at this short beginner-friendly summary: