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What to learn as Web Developer in 2022

Dan Cherny
Written on What to learn as Web Developer in 2022

Over the past decades, the internet first became an integral part of our lives and then continued to become the very foundation of our everyday routine. Everything has its website nowadays, and web developers create all websites. This profession does not require years of study, nor does it require any specific theoretical knowledge. The only thing a web developer needs is a computer and their interest in developing.

Are you already interested in learning web development? If not, maybe you should be. In the current times of increasing uncertainties, it is essential to have skills that will always be valuable - and web development certainly falls into this category of skills. With these skills, you can develop your websites and work as a freelancer or join a team of professionals. All the courses described in this article will be beneficial for you to grow in this direction.

We have selected the best online courses on the subject while considering the specific focus that you might be looking for. Therefore, you will find a wide range of courses in the list below, from basic introductory tutorials to comprehensive professional courses spanning hundreds of hours. Two things apply for all of the courses below: they are all of the highest quality and accessible to total beginners.

The Complete 2022 Web Development Bootcamp by Dr. Angela Yu

Let's start with one of the most comprehensive courses available online. It will enable you to start with zero experience in programming and work yourself up to mastery in web development. It is not only the most comprehensive Udemy course on web development but also one of the highest-rated courses and is consistently kept up to date - you will find it already adjusted for 2022. It includes over 55 hours of tutorials and practice in mastering tools such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and many others. Essentially, you will be taught everything you need to become a web programmer. So you might already be thinking - "should I look no further than this?". Perhaps. This is such a solid course that it'll suit anybody - even if you're only interested in a specific domain of web development, you will find it here. Lifetime access will cost you €84.99, but keep an eye out for discounts: occasionally, it's on sale for less than €18.99.

HTML5 and CSS Fundamentals by W3Cx

Here is a great free course to get introduced to the basics of web development through two essential tools in the course's title. HTML5 and CSS are fundamental building blocks of all web pages, and proficiency with these tools will enable you to create attractive and functional web pages from scratch. The 6-week course will cover the basics of web design and programming, and you can follow up with other classes that are part of the "Front-End Web Developer" Professional Certificate on EDX. As previously mentioned, the course is free, but you will need to purchase an upgrade for €182 to access graded assignments and receive a certificate of completion.

Introduction to Web Development by Brian Holt and Nina Zakharenko

Another introductory course will provide you with skills for entry-level web development. Covering a rather extensive set of basic tools, this course is a solid choice for beginners who are not looking for a comprehensive study but require more than the very crucial technical tools. Completing this course will enable you to get on with developing your websites straight away. You will gain all the skills needed to be a professional web developer by going deeper into tools such as CSS and JavaScript. The course was created by two developers at Reddit and stands out with its intuitively accessible structure and many short exercises. The course is available as part of Pluralsight subscription, which costs €26/month and gives access to thousands of courses.

HTTP Fundamentals by Pluralsight

A quick course on Pluralsight to help you grasp the fundamental framework of any web page: HTML. It covers this framework's various aspects, including resources, cookies, and security protocols, and fits into 3 hours of lectures. The course content will not be sufficient to enable you to create modern complete web pages. Still, it will surely give you enough knowledge to understand HTML to start web development and understand the basic framework behind all websites. If you are already a Pluralsight subscriber and are interested in learning about web development, this course will provide you with a good introduction.

2022 WordPress for Beginners - Build a Pro Website in 50 minutes by Sinead Geraghty

If you're determined to create your website right now but don't want to spend weeks dealing with the technical aspects of coding, this course presents you with the perfect solution. Using WordPress is an efficient way of creating functional and professional websites, especially for online shops and blogs. In just 47 minutes of lessons, you will discover all the nuances of this platform and develop skills to use it in a versatile and effective way. The course covers the aspects of web design and development using WordPress and website hosting options and integration with search engines. Overall, it is a very practical and accessible short course for those who aren't prepared to deal with the technicalities of web development from scratch. The course can be accessed with a free trial at Skillshare.

Webflow For Beginners: A Webflow Tutorial by Sam Harrison

Another option to get into web development easily and quickly is to learn to use Webflow. It is also a platform that enables non-coders to create new websites. This course can train you to do just that in under 5 hours. You'll discover the set of tools that Webflow offers and how these can be used to design and customize your website. While Webflow is somewhat more difficult to master than other more straightforward tools like WordPress, this course is designed to enable you to learn all the essentials this website builder has to offer. Once you complete the tutorial sessions, you'll work on 10 class projects to solidify your proficiencies. And once you meet those, you'll be set to start developing your beautiful websites. The course is provided by Skillshare and can be accessed for free.

JavaScript for Beginners by Kalob Taulien

Website developers can create basic websites, but you need more advanced tools to power more sophisticated solutions. JavaScript is the essential tool used to power interactive elements within web pages. This is a great course to get started with this indispensable tool. It's not just an introduction but a thorough and practical course that will provide enough knowledge and insights to work on independent web projects confidently. It includes over 8 hours of video lessons and 9 projects of various scope. Those who have completed the course explicitly praise the clarity of explanations offered by the course author. This course is also on Skillshare and can be started for free.

Career Path: Front-End Engineer by Codeacademy

If your determination to learn web development is not situational, you aim to make it your career choice. In that case, Codeacademy offers an entire online career path to guide you in this direction. It includes 350 hours of content on various aspects of front-end development, and it all has to do with web development. You will learn several programming languages and technologies, practice designing web apps, and integrate these into dynamic websites. Even job interview practice is included, as well as portfolio management tips.

Most importantly, you will prove your new skills by working on several fascinating real-life web projects linked to specific tools that you will be mastering. These include basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, among many others. The course is accessible to beginners, and immediate access is free, but you will probably purchase the Codeacademy Pro membership for additional resources and support.