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Top 7 Harvard free online courses for you in 2022

Dan Cherny
Written on Top 7 Harvard free online courses for you in 2022

Harvard University is the oldest and most prestigious university in the United States and globally. It also offers Harvard free online courses for international students with no tuition or registration fees, and all the students receive a certificate upon completion. The official website contains more than one hundred free courses on different subjects, such as Computer Science, Math, Humanities, etc. We have selected the most popular ones.

1. CS50: Introduction to Game Development

It is one of the best Harvard free online courses, which teaches you the development of interactive video games. The course will allow you to learn the creation process of classic games such as Super Mario Brothers, Legend of Zelda, and Angry Birds. Lectures and hands-on projects will teach you the basics of animation, collision detection, sound, 2D and 3D graphics, and computer animation. You will be able to create your own games by the end of the course.

2. CS50: An Introduction to Computer Science

Excellent programming skills aren't just for software engineers or web developers. Computer science and computer programming are a fundamental part of many disciplines, and learning to program is becoming increasingly important across industries.

3. Exercising Leadership: Foundation Principles

This course will teach you to be a strong and effective leader. You'll explore various ways to comprehend complex organizations and learn how to deal with emerging problems and scenarios. You will also develop strategies for leading in a changing environment where adaptive pressures continue to challenge us.

4. Technology Entrepreneurship: Lab to Market

This course will teach you how entrepreneurs create successful businesses by transferring technology from the lab into the market. You may think of entrepreneurship as the process of starting a business, but that definition doesn't describe what it takes to build a new venture. Entrepreneurship needs a mindset that values creativity and innovation over money-making—whether working in your garage or on the VC circuit.

This course will introduce you to the key individuals, organizations, and processes critical to entrepreneurial success. You'll examine technology ideas and learn how to launch a company successfully.

5. Entrepreneurship In Emerging Economies

This course teaches you how to become a successful entrepreneur working in a developing economy. You will learn how countries like China, India, and Brazil have successfully used business ideas to solve social issues while addressing critical economic goals. This course will help you think creatively about how you can use your business acumen to help solve problems in local communities in emerging economies around the globe.

6. Justice

It is another free online Harvard course. Justice is a core tenet of the world's justice system, but what does it mean? Many people lack an understanding of what the term implies. What principles drive your decision when you need to treat others? For example, whether or not to give someone a job based on their identity (like gender or race)? What kind of action is right and justified?

This course will teach the fundamentals of political philosophy, including social and criminal justice, and how they fit into our society. You'll be able to better articulate and evaluate philosophical arguments and ask intelligent questions.

7. Innovating in Health Care

The health care industry is facing a crisis of innovation. In response, many entrepreneurs are looking for ways to innovate within this field by creating new businesses. The six factors that critically shape new health care ventures are structure, financing, regulations, consumers, accountability, and technology. The students will learn how to approach their innovative project or disruptive idea within the context of these six factors.