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Best Power BI courses 2022

Dan Cherny
Written on Best Power BI courses 2022

If you work with data, you've probably heard of Power BI. It is a software package from Microsoft that enables users to interlink data sources, visualize them in various ways, and produce visual interpretations. It can be helpful for a wide range of professionals: administrators, developers, creators, and those working in a business environment can all discover a multitude of uses for this software. Power BI can generate surprisingly helpful reports from raw data that can be used for many things.

Power BI consists of many different parts with specific applications, and training is advised to learn the nuances of these individual parts and integrate the knowledge of them together. Power BI is also updated regularly with new functions and tools, so it is a constantly changing software environment. Online courses offer the opportunity to learn up-to-date aspects of this software and make the most of it.

It might be your first time working with Power BI, or perhaps you're interested in learning to use it for particular purposes. Whatever your situation is, below you will find our selection of the best online courses on Power BI in 2022. They vary by scope, level, and content, so take care to choose the one that suits your interests best.

Modern Analytics with Microsoft Excel and Power BI by Thomas Festus Cudjoe

If you're interested in data analytics, you are probably already working with data in Excel sheets and are searching for ways to make the data you deal with more valuable and presentable. This course will teach you to integrate Excel with Power BI to create data models and visualizations efficiently. Both programs offer powerful analytical capabilities that you will learn step-by-step. The course is divided into seven sections that explore the use of specific tools such as Power Query, PowerPivot, and PivotTables. It's an excellent choice for those already involved with data, as the course will nicely expand your overall capabilities in this field. You will learn to use the newly-acquired tools for data analysis, modeling, advanced calculations, and data visualization. This course will cost you €29.99 on Udemy.

Microsoft Power BI for Dummies by Sanjaya Elvitigal

This introductory course to Power BI is great for those who don't understand what exactly they can do with this software. You will be introduced to basic data analytics and data science concepts, which are vital, relevant disciplines. The 3-hour course will provide you with efficient data management and reporting solutions. You'll be able to complete some of your everyday tasks 30% faster by learning to work with data and services. You will find this course especially useful if you are involved in Sales, Marketing, Finance, or any other profession that involves working with datasheets. The course is available on Udemy for just €19.99. All you have to do is install Power BI and start learning your new skills.

Power BI Tips, Tricks and Techniques by Randy Miller

If you're already using Power BI, but feel overwhelmed by this software's massive range of tools and aspects, you'll undoubtedly find this particular course useful. Unlike others, this is not a tutorial for Power BI, but rather a collection of Power BI tips, techniques, and current updates. It's designed to cover only the practical information and skills that are extremely handy for any software user. And because the course is updated monthly with breakdowns of each software update, this particular course is indispensable to any Power BI developer. You can purchase lifetime access to the course for €19.99 on Udemy, so don't miss out on this course now or in your future learning process.

Data Analysis in Power BI by Datacamp

It is a more professional course in several chapters. It focuses on Exploratory Data Analysis, a crucial Power BI tool used to work with datasets and interact with them in many ways. You'll learn to carry out these interactions, visualize your data, and identify correlations. Furthermore, you'll get to use tools like decomposition trees to expand the usefulness of your data even further. It's recommended that you complete an introductory Power BI course before this one, and you should also be familiar with the Data Analysis Expressions aspect of Power BI. You can access the first chapter of the course for free, but you will need the €139/year Datacamp subscription to complete the entire course.

Data Visualization in Power BI by Datacamp

Another great course from Datacamp, this time with a focus on visualization, which is also a key aspect of Power BI. This is a course to take on to bring your data reporting and dashboard building to the highest level. It offers a comprehensive approach to creating data interpretations that are simple, insightful, informative, and accessible. The course deals not only with Power BI but also explores the use of Python and R to enhance your visualizations even further. You can access the full course with the €139/year Datacamp subscription, allowing access to thousands of courses on this platform. Make sure you know the basics of Power BI before starting this course, and you should be on track to become a professional in data visualization.

Creating Dashboards with Power BI by Matthew Calderwood

This course on Pluralsight offers teaching on the final step of working with data - presentation. Dashboards made with Power BI are a unique solution that enables you to provide your clients with the essential data in the best way possible. This course will teach you all the nuances of dashboard reporting, such as design, media integration, data security, and dashboard management. By the time you finish, you'll be able to design and create clean, modern, and intuitive dashboards using Power BI. The course consists of video demonstrations and tutorials covering each aspect of this topic. It will take you 4 hours to complete and can be accessed with the Pluralsight subscription (€26/month).

Effective Quick Insights and Q&A in Power BI by Jim Kay

Here is a course that will provide training on the particular use of Power BI: querying data. Once you master this powerful feature, you will be able to provide your clients with the ultimate data experience, where their requests are immediately fulfilled with visualized data from your datasets. You will discover the ways to integrate your datasets with Power BI's Q&A and Quick Insights protocols and solutions to optimize the inner flows of such sophisticated data systems. You will even discover ways to connect your Power BI databases to Cortana, the Microsoft voice assistant so that your data is presented in response to a voiced request. The course goes over several demos and tutorials to explain each step in configuring this fantastic system. The course is included in the standard Pluralsight subscription for €26/month.
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