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Best Leadership Online Classes 2022

Dan Cherny
Written on Best Leadership Online Classes 2022

Leadership is a crucial part of business communication. There are many reasons why you should explore the opportunity to take a course on this topic to enhance your performance as a leader. Young leaders especially are often in need of advice and an organized approach to their role in a community. Online courses are perfect for this because of the flexibility they offer. You'll be able to attend classes in your own time, regardless of where you are. It can be a somewhat difficult choice to make because of the vast number of courses available online - different platforms, prices, teaching styles. Contents of leadership courses vary significantly, but usually, revolve around introspective techniques that can enable you to capitalize on your strengths as a leader.

Such courses will be especially valuable for those who:

  • Have recently started working in a managerial position
  • Dream of becoming a CEO
  • Want to launch their startup
  • Strive to be inspirational leaders
  • Need a new approach to leadership

We have compiled courses of various scope and focus to make sure you can pick the one that suits you best.

Visionary leadership, identity & motivation: Become a meaning maker by Macquarie University

The course will guide you through key topics to develop an understanding of your actions and ways of communicating meaning to other people. The course is well-adjusted for a business setting and perfectly suits those in managerial positions, CEOs, or anybody with high career aspirations. It is run by four professors of a 5-star QS university. The course forms the final part of the Business Administration online master's course. The institution's reputation speaks for itself and you can expect a very high quality of material and teaching. The course can be accessed for free on its own, or you could enroll in the entire master's program. You will have to pay a fee to receive a certificate of completion.

Rise to Leadership: Become a CEO by Babson College

Next up, a course specifically designed for the ambitious people aiming for the position of a CEO in a company. Leadership skills are crucial in such a position. You need to be able to attract talented people, formulate strategy, create an effective and positive strategy in the organization. This is exactly what this course teaches. Moreover, it starts with an assessment of your leadership predispositions to give you an indication of whether are you a natural-born leader. You'll learn six key skills that make an effective CEO and explore the path from an individual contributor to the top job through case studies, group challenges, and experiences of current CEOs. The course can be taken for free and will last 4 weeks. If your ambitions correspond with the subject of this course, you will undoubtedly find it helpful.

Leadership: Getting Started by Jason Alba

This course was made by an author of several books on career management and leadership and provides a vital set of leadership skills that you can use in team leadership and career development. It features a whole module on leadership advice from world-famous influential leaders and examples of leadership excellence. You will even find tips on using leadership skills without being in a leading position. Overall, this course would be a perfect introduction to leadership skills. Taking this course will be especially useful to young leaders, students, and people who recently started working in teams. The course is available as part of a €26/month Pluralsight subscription, which gives access to thousands of other courses.

Awareness and Confidence for Effective Leadership by Savoir-Relier

This is an outstanding course that is based on the Savoir-Relier leadership development method created by Valérie Gauthier. The method focuses on introspective experiences that can cultivate self-awareness and provide a sincere understanding of oneself about others. It has proven to be a useful tool for personal leadership development. With this course, you will be able to start developing your leadership style and significantly enhance your self-confidence. Take this course if you're looking for a new approach to understanding yourself through creative practices. The course takes 4 weeks to complete and is the first course in the leadership ExpertTrack program that can be accessed for €36/month on Futurelearn.

New Manager Essentials - A Practical Guide For New Team Leaders - Leadership & Management by Paul Banoub

If your recent promotion to a managerial position is the reason for you to work on leadership skills, this course has it all laid out for you. It will provide you with many tips and tricks that you will be able to apply at the workplace to shape the team culture and keep key processes under control. You will learn how to manage "crazy" people and master organizational psychology. Short lessons cover lots of interesting and applicable subjects that you have to consider as a manager. It's a very practical course with a lot of direct advice from the author, a well-known coach with over 20 years of experience in the field of leadership. You can get started for free with a Skillshare account.

Introduction to Product Management: The Beginners Crash Course by Parker Rex

This course is focused on product management as a leadership tool. The author has been successful in his role as a product manager and developed the course to teach others to create and lead tech companies. You will learn about the critical role of user experience in product management and explore how product requirement documents can be used to solve any problem. On the other side, the course also covers general productivity concepts such as time management and task prioritization. The course is short and you can go through it in one learning session. It's an interesting option for anyone interested in startups and product management. As with the previous course, access is free on Skillshare.

Inspirational and High-Performance Leadership Skills by Management Study Guide

It's not enough to be a good leader - the best leaders are those that inspire people around them to develop their skills accordingly. This course is for those in need of a toolkit to become real game-changing leaders in the workspace. You'll see how social and personal skills directly define your leadership skills and learn new habits for inspirational leadership, among other things. As with other courses on this subject, you will be taught techniques of introspection and self-reflection. The course is short, focused, and full of practical information and useful skills. For €19.99 you will get lifetime access to a course you are likely to revisit after completion for more tips and insights in inspirational leadership.
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