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8 Best Machine Learning Courses & Certifications in 2022

Dan Cherny
Written on 8 Best Machine Learning Courses & Certifications in 2022

Machine learning is currently one of the most innovative and promising domains in the IT sector. The art of designing algorithms that can continually self-improve and teach themselves to become better is becoming essential for all future systems. Machine learning applications are already creating massive changes in fraud detection, cybersecurity, computer vision, speech recognition, and many others.

The discipline is closely related to the broader study of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and often involves the use of Python code. Specialists in AI and machine learning are highly valued by top-tier IT companies and other employers of various kinds. Having a set of machine learning skills will increasingly prove to be an asset on the job market. And you don't need to attend university or be mentored by a genius to get into machine learning. There are plenty of online courses that offer training on the subject. But with the topic being so vast and novel, everyone needs to choose a start that suits them best.

This article contains the best online courses on the subject that we could find. They are also all different. You will see that some only provide an informational overview of the subject, while others are designed to train you to become a specialist in machine learning from scratch. Read into the short descriptions to pick the ones that suit you best. And good luck with getting your studies done!

Machine Learning for Everyone by Datacamp

If you're fascinated by the concept of machine learning and are looking for a clear explanation of the mechanisms behind it, here is a short, free, non-technical course for all. In 2 hours, you will learn all about the various applications of machine learning, the models that this technology runs on, and specific uses of deep learning algorithms. For example, you will understand how computers can now identify and categorize objects in images. No coding experience is necessary, and you will learn as you go. Completing this course will significantly improve your data literacy and put you on the right track to further explore related opportunities. It's available as a free course within the Datacamp platform, accessible based on an annual subscription.

AI Fundamentals by Datacamp

If you're looking for a broader context, this course covers the fundamentals of AI that make machine learning algorithms possible. This course will cover a range of tools and concepts that stem from AI theory and explore interactive exercises to integrate these findings with your own experience. You'll find the difference between supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms and work on your first neural network. The course promises to deliver a gentle but firm and practical introduction to the subject. People without any coding experience can take on this course with confidence, as it's designed to be accessible to everybody. As with the previous course, it's free to access with a Datacamp subscription.

Apply Creative Machine Learning by UAL Creative Computing Institute

This free course is a more technical introduction to machine learning and was developed for those intending to explore the use of this technology in the creative industries. It is, of course, not all about data science. Machine learning algorithms are increasingly used in photography, video, and music production. You will discover how machine learning systems integrate into these more comprehensive processes and will practice creating your algorithms with JavaScript. The course does require basic knowledge of web development with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, so you will need beginner-level coding skills in these coding languages to complete the course. An introductory JavaScript course is provided as an addition so that you can catch up on that within this course. You can audit this course for free, purchase full access for €54, or subscribe to the entire Futurelearn course catalog for €14.17/month.

2022 Python for Machine Learning & Data Science Masterclass by Jose Portilla

If you're not just looking for an introduction to the subject, but are determined to use machine learning as a skill in your profession as a data scientist, then read on. This comprehensive course covers everything you need to know to get to a decent level of professional competency and understand machine learning from top to bottom. The course will require prior experience in Python, as well as serious commitment - it includes over 44 hours of lectures, all of them followed up by practical exercises. You will be trained in using dozens of tools and machine learning models, such as linear and logistic regression, Pandas, and Random Forests.

The course delivers a balanced learning experience, covering real-world case studies and the mathematical theory behind the algorithms. Overall, this is a perfect option for those with persistent ambitions in machine learning. After all, the course is designed to be on par with Bootcamps which cost thousands of dollars. You can purchase lifetime access to this course on Udemy for €84.99.

Complete Machine Learning & Data Science Bootcamp 2022 by Andrei Neagoie

This course is similar to the one mentioned above in its comprehensiveness and quality of teaching. Unlike the previous course, however, this one promises to give you all the data scientist and machine learning engineer skills from scratch! So if you've been looking for a professional reorientation, this course is your opportunity. Being a self-taught machine learning engineer, the author of the course made a colossal effort to make the course as efficient as possible: it is regularly revised with new content being added and outdated tutorials being removed.

The authors state that their course is the most comprehensive and modern course on machine learning. And students' feedback shows that this is so far the most popular and highest rated course on the subject available on Udemy. As for the content, the course includes two separate learning tracks for those with experience with programming and those who do not. The course is also highly contextual to the industry - you will not only learn the expert skills but will also be trained to understand how to apply them in real-life situations. The course is available on Udemy for €84.99.

Data Science: Deep Learning and Neural Networks in Python by Lazy Programmer Inc.

Deep neural networks sometimes output content that seems almost supernatural. Computers can be better at abstract art and poetry than humans. If your interest in machine learning is related to its manifestations in deep-learning and neural networks, this course is focused on precisely that. You will make a start and build your neural network that will utilize deep learning algorithms. This is done through the use of Python and Numpy, as well as other supplementary software.

The course will guide you on your journey to truly grasp deep learning through experimentation. Several course projects will demonstrate the power of deep-learning in practical applications such as empowering user data and facial recognition. Upon completion, you will have the ability to create your own neural networks from scratch and put them to use in real-life systems. You will need some beginner skills in calculus, Python, and Numpy to feel confident in going through course materials. This course can be purchased for €84.99 on Udemy.

CS50's Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python by Harvard University

This course on AI is provided by the world's leading university and explores the concepts and algorithms that define modern artificial intelligence. That includes everything related to machine learning too. You will learn artificial intelligence to a level that will enable you to design your own AI systems and become a professional in this domain of computer science. This will solidify your further employment opportunities and open up new horizons for you in general. Throughout the course, you will get to incorporate different AI solutions into your own Python programs and observe them in action. The course is free to access, but you will need to pay to get your progress certified. You can find further information on online courses from Harvard at EDX.

This course itself is an extension of the introductory CS50x course on computer science from Harvard. That is an entry-level course that sets the standard level of proficiency needed to follow further specialized online courses from Harvard confidently. If you're not already coding in Python, you should first take on the basic CS50x and then move on to the AI specialization. This way, you'll first cover the basics of computer science and then naturally move on to focus your attention on AI solutions.

First Principles of Computer Vision Specialization by Columbia University

Now, for something different, specialization in a particular application of machine learning. Neural networks and AI algorithms are increasingly being used in image and video processing. Moreover, neural networks can now generate completely original pictures by themselves. This is your chance to get on board with these trends. This is the first comprehensive course on the foundations of computer vision and is an excellent introduction to this thriving field.

So what exactly will you learn? In 5 courses, you will gradually progress from imaging fundamentals to boundary detection in images to 3D reconstruction from 2D images. Fascinating, isn't it? Moreover, you will dive into the underlying processes that neural networks use to recognize and identify objects in images and the training of such networks. This specialization presents itself as a very innovative and exciting course on the subject that is also highly accessible and can be accessed for free at Coursera.
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