Vue.js Jump-start with Nuxt.js & Firebase


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Course overview

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Paid course
All Levels
7 hours
38 lessons
Available on completion
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M. Hendra
  • Students will be able to jump-start their new Vue/Nuxt projects with the skill and app boiler plate from this course
  • Get a good grasp of Vuex, VueRouter and Nuxt
  • Properly structure and secure Firebase database and make reasonably complex Firebase queries
  • Install and integrate Vue plugins and Nuxt modules and create Vue filters
  • General understanding of a full-blown application that includes user management and role based access
  • Techniques to make pages built with Vue/Nuxt search engine friendly
  • Basic understanding on deploying Vue/Nuxt app as a server in production mode with PM2


Learn how to build search engine friendly web apps with Vue & Nuxt

Welcome to the course.

This course is about how to build a search engine friendly website or application using Vue.js with Nuxt.js (Updated for Nuxt v2).

We'll have search engine friendly features and improved perfomarnce by using Nuxt.js which is a Vue framework.

This is because Nuxt pre-renders the code and only delivers mostly the things required on the client side, which is the browser.

The other major part of the course is Firebase. We'll use it as the database for this course.

We'll be learning how to structure the database, it's security rules, file storage and of course queries to work with data.

So, this course is also a good primer on Firebase that will help you learn simple to reasonably complex Firebase queries.

This is a course where you would learn by building an app.

We'll build a simple ecommerce app with product and user management and role based access.

Then there is a product catalog and shopping cart on the front end.

At the end of the course you'll have a working app boiler plate that you could use for your own projects.

This is a jump-start course. So, it's about getting you up and running quickly. And it's not about long and winding explanation of everything.

We'll just do some work and then look at the result so that we learn by doing.

At the end of the course you'll receive the source code of the app we built.

So, I wish you good luck and let's get started.  ;)

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